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Our Vision

We believe the Father wants a family – people who know their identity as sons and daughters, and will play their part in transforming their communities and spheres of influence by releasing His goodness; representing the ministry of Jesus and seeing the kingdom of God come with power. 


It’s time for a true honouring of one another and not just talk. We don’t believe the established church will bring change to this nation…..on its own. Nor do we believe the new or organic churches will do so…..on their own. There is a real need for followers of Jesus to recognise and love one another whatever stream or denomination they are part of, “that they may be one even as we are one” (Jesus’ prayer to Father God in John 17).

Together let’s “Rise and rise again until lambs become lions” uniting in love to repel a spiritual enemy and bring in God’s Kingdom.

Living out the vision

in:courage is a resource and support ministry. There are a number of ways we express the life and mandate God has given us and we aim to do this in ways that are accessible, affordable, mobile and sustainable.

  • Operating as Team; demonstrating what it means to honour and prefer one another as family rather than promoting individual ministries.
  • Supporting and equipping leadership teams, churches and kingdom families in the UK, South America, USA, Philippines and Africa; helping them to fulfil their God given destiny.
  • Hosting regular Kingdom Celebrations on the first Sunday of each month in the city of Bath.
  • Hosting a monthly Leaders Hub for mutual encouragement (linked with Global Legacy)
  • Running training and equipping courses eg Firestarters.  
  • Hosting occasional regional conferences
  • Facilitating Inner Transformation ministry and training

To find out more about how we can help or support your church or ministry please find our details on the contact us page.

Upcoming Events

Kingdom Celebration

Sunday 3rd September, 10.30am

St Michaels Junior School, Twerton, Bath BA2 1RW.

For further info please contact


Tel: 07876 334094

Leaders Hubs 2017

22nd September

20th October

November  TBC

15th December


10.15 am

St Andrew's Community Centre, Hawthorn Grove, Bath BA2 5QA.


For further info please contact


Tel: 07876 334094

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